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Ducklings have great brakes.


how about you post i hope especially my son is safe while im gone on a tour, not i hope my (new) gf (of a few months). piece of shit never asks about his kid it pisses me off. 


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Palo Alto (2014) dir. Gia Coppola



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A Life & Love Letters


Tumblr should know who this guy is and his twin. Not only did they star in Disney’s Suite life of Zack and Cody but they played the little boy in Adam Sandler’s movie “Big Daddy.” That’s his tumblr page.

I’ve been saying this about Emma over at meettherealemmawatson.blogspot for years. What you see is not what you get because it’s all hype with lust appeal. She’s not lauded for being a good actress. She gets it because of her looks and she’s that girl from Harry Potter. Her attitude, personality and intelligence have been confused with the character she played. Emma Watson is a brand not unlike boybands. She is perceived a role model for so many. I’ve stated this time and time again, “If you notice everything Emma says is not what she does.” You name it and I can show you. I have many times over at my other blog and a few times here. Emma Watson is and will always be a product. She was built up to be Hermione and ever since that franchise ended she’s tried to destroy it with Perks and Bling Ring. Her role model status is a sham. The only honest thing about her is she is pretty. Other than that everything about her is a lie.

This explains why she’s a hypocrite and contradicts herself. She’s fighting her created public persona. People like an image that is not really her. These are some lies, contradictions and hypocrisy I’ve covered on my other blog.

I forget a lot because I haven’t posted in a while and I haven’t really thought about Emma until recently so I’m going off the top of my head:

PR: Made out to be a talented actress in demand. Reality: B rated actress with an A list face stuck in limited screen time supporting roles only cast because of her HP fan base

PR: Studious like Hermione and put education over fame because it’s really important to her. Reality: Constantly leaves school to film moves she was against doing and modeling she says was never a priority

PR: Wanted to quit HP but decided to stay on because they worked around her future University schedule and could not imagine anyone else playing Hermione. Reality: They gave her a big raise to stay on and left college as soon as Harry Potter finished filming but blamed them for scheduling conflicts

PR: Says she’s a fair trade supporter and would wear all of it. Reality: Wears nothing but high end and wears no fair trade

PR: Says she’s only been drunk once but it makes her sleepy and did not drink at Brown since she was at the time under USA’s legal age. Reality: Been photographed drunk more than once, admits she’s not a lightweight and played Beer pong at Brown underage

PR: Never goes clubbing and does like to go out because she’s boring. Reality: Always go clubbing by the evidence of paparazzi photographing her leaving clubs, pubs and bars.

PR: Does not wear mini skirts while getting her flashout because she doesn’t find that sexy. Reality: Wears mini skirts with her flash out and complained she could not show any skin as Hermione 

PR: Claimed to have been poor growing up and could only afford her school uniform and pencils. Reality: Talks about how her mother and grandmother always wore Chanel ands Burberry

PR: Does not wear that much make-up, finds it sad girls hide behind it and doesn’t really like it. Reality: Wears a lot of make-up, admits it’s her biggest faux paus and has a large collection.

PR: Would never do a movie portraying American teen angst. Reality: First movie she does after HP is portraying American teenage angst

PR: Does not understand the celebrity fragrance thing. Reality: Becomes the face of Lancôme’s Tresnor Midnight Rose

PR: Can’t have a love life because she’s famous. Reality: Never without a boyfriend and their never famous.

PR: Would never wear hot pants out in public. Reality: Has been seen wearing hot pants out in public

PR: Wears casual clothing, only has 8 pair of shoes, doesn’t carry designer bags, and it’s never anything fancy. Reality: Wears $1,500 capes, $500 sweaters, $400 sun glasses, $1,000 boots, photographed in more than 8 pairs of shoes, and carries $5000 hand bags


Maybe I missed important ones so if you remember any reblog and add them. Emma is built up on good PR and lies. She is not authentic being the genuine article. There are little white lies I left out that build up her perceived public persona. She’s lauded as down to earth, honest and that girl next door type but in reality she’s like every other celebrity that plays the fame game. It’s shameful because it is idolatrous, shallow and it preys on the beauty obsessed by manipulating them with images and lies that are all built up with hype.

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